Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Incinerator burns on and on

Welcome to the first of hopefully many (or at least a few) blogs from (at the time of writing) the only Conservative Councillor in Winsford.

I've been thinking of writing a blog for a while now but every time I sit down to compose, things take another turn from the sublime to the ridiculous in our great town of Winsford.

This week sees hundreds of Winsfordians sign a petition against a proposed incinerator on our industrial estate and many residents turn up to the Town Council meeting demanding some answers. But answers to what? and what do the two CWaC councillors who have the Industrial Estate in their ward have to say about it all? What have they done to bring it to public attention.

Well, turns out those same two Councillors could have called in the planning application to the CWaC planning committee for review. Turns out those two same Councillors sit on the Town Council as well and the town council actually objected to the planning application.

Turn the clock forward and another Town Councillor speaks to the paper about how the incinerator was "virtually a done deal" and how they were disappointed in the fact that the application was not called in to the CWaC planning committee.

The very next week - one of the Ward Councillors (who had not called it in) is pictured next to a banner saying "No incinerator here".

So, we have a situation where labour CWaC councillors are criticised by a labour Town Councillor for not doing their job. Who runs CWaC? Who runs Winsford TC?



This one may just burn and burn......

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